ISO 22716:2007

ISO 22716:2007 is the International Standard for the Good Manufacturing Process for the Cosmetics (GMP).ISO 22716 was developed to respond to updated cosmetics regulations.

The ISO 22716 standard provides those in the cosmetic industry with guidelines for how to best handle production, control, storage and transport of products. With such a large focus on quality assurance, the guidelines will provide you with practical methods for effectively managing the many factors that can affect product quality and reliability.

It is critical for European Union cosmetic products to be produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices so your company makes sure your clients are safe when it comes to handling your materials. GMP is essentially a procedure that makes certain you have control of all ingredients being used in the creation of your products. GMPs are important to businesses because they can help reduce the risk of liability if something happens with one of the products. Your business can show you are compliant with GMPs by implementing ISO 22716.

Requirement for ISO 22716:2007

  • Personnel Management- This includes personal health and hygiene, visitors, training.
  • Premises Management- This includes cleaning and sanitation, Maintenance.
  • Equipment Management- These include installation, calibration, sanitation as well as maintenance.
  • Raw material and packaging- These include raw material purchasing receipt and identification status.

5 elements of ISO 22716:2007

  • Quality management system and organization.
  • Premises and equipment.
  • Product realization and material management.
  • Deviations, Complaints and Recalls
  • Continuous Improvements

Benefits of ISO 22716:2007 certification

  • Improvement in Quality management.
  • Commitment to customer for safety cosmetics products.
  • Ensure your compliance to international guidelines.
  • Controls the risk & hazard associated with cosmetics products.
  • Ensure continues improvement in product quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Easy to implement for all sizes of organizations.