CMMI Level 2-Managed and repeatable

At Maturity Level 2, an organization’s development processes are repeatable and produce consistent results. At this stage, all business projects are managed so that processes are “planned, performed, measured and controlled” for instance if it is a project to upgrade the software program used by one of your customers then it should be done in a standard way with clear instructions to insure consistency.

Requirements at this level include managing processes, work products and services. These would be the people responsible for delivering these areas. You want to ensure they are responsible and help them be accountable for what it is they say they are managing. At maturity level two, the product map serves as a visual guide to realistic project plans. Management can view status at defined points in time, thus encouraging optimal decisions.

The work products and services should be satisfactory.

CMMI Level 2 Contains

  • REQM –Requirement Management
  • PP- Project Planning
  • PMC – Project Monitoring and controlling
  • CM- Configuration Management
  • MA- Measurement and analysis
  • PPAQ – Process and product quality assurance
  • SAM – Supplier agreement management