CMMI Level 5-Optimize and Efficient

The final level of maturity describes a process that is constantly reviewed and adjusted for any issues. The goal of maturing your processes is to make sure they stay current, accurate, informative and streamlined. This continuous review allows your company’s solutions to adapt quickly to a dynamic business environment where new technologies can emerge from time to time without warning, requiring companies to adapt accordingly.

Processes are never meant to stop developing. As the levels of maturity get higher, one’s processes are expected to advance equally high. While it’s true that some organizations will reach the point where they shouldn’t have to fix something that isn’t broken, others may still find themselves having to work on flaws in their system all the time because that’s what defines them as a team.


CMMI Level 5 Contains

  • OPM (Organizational Performance Management) –Actively manage the organization’ performance to achieve its business objectives.
  • CAR (Casual analysis and Resolution) – Analysis of data to identify the problems and actions to prevent them, future improvement process.


Business Objectives– Improvement in product quality, process efficiency and effectiveness, increase in productivity, Cycle time reduction, Supply chain performance monitoring, optimum utilization of available resources etc.