ISO 10002:2014- Complaint Management System

ISO 10002:2014 Quality management – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Complaint Handling

ISO 10002:2014 explains the process for dealing with product complaints with a focus on quality management systems. It describes this process allows organizations to learn from their mistakes and improve their services by focusing on prevention rather than simply dealing with issues as they arise.

Develop the skills to conduct a base-line review of your organisation’s current position and implement the key principles of ISO 10002:2014. By applying knowledge helps you create an implementation plan, develop the necessary documentation, monitor your CMS and achieve continual customer satisfaction.

Benefits of ISO 10002:2014 “Complaint Handling Management System”-

  • Customer satisfaction by resolving any complaints and enhance the organization to improve its product and customer services.
  • Top management involvement in deployment of resources and personnel training.
  • Recognize and address the needs and expectations of compliant.
  • Audit of Complaint handling process.
  • Evaluation of complaints to improve the product and customer service quality.
  • Review of effectiveness and efficiency of the complaints.


Who will be interested?

ISO 10002 helps all organizations, customers who want to offer services beyond their expectations. Private organizations will go well beyond the customer’s expectations, whether they are based on public sector or voluntary organizations is generally a requirement for businesses of all types and sizes.