ISO 10377:2013

Consumer product safety — Guidelines for suppliers

ISO 10377:2013 provides Identify, assess, reduce or eliminate practical guidance to suppliers on assessing and managing the safety of consumer products, including effective documentation of risk assessment and risk management to meet applicable requirements.

ISO 10377:2013 describes hazards

  • Manage risks by reducing them to tolerable levels.
  • Provide consumers with hazard warnings or instructions essential to the safe use or disposal of consumer products.

Safety is important to consumer products. If you’re a consumer, product manager looking into safety, you might also be interested in ISO 10377:2013 which contains other measures that could potentially be implemented to improve both your business and the lives of other consumers who enjoy using your products.

Communication throughout the supply chain, guided by these principles, enhances the effectiveness of written policies. Information must flow in both directions — down through the supply chain for direction and back up the chain for process improvement and data analysis. Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) depend on this type of two-way communication to move back down through the supply chain when needed, while conforming to all applicable federal regulations regarding product recalls.

Principles for Consumer Product Safety

  • Product safety culture within the organization.
  • Product safety culture outside the organization.
  • Providing safe products to consumer.
  • Providing qualitative products to consumer.
  • Continual improvement.
  • Information sharing.
  • Precautionary approach.

Requirements for ISO 10377:2013 Certification

  • Identify the Hazards associated with the products.
  • Determining exposure to the potential hazards.
  • Assessment of risk (Health and safety) to the consumer of the products.
  • Designing safety into the consumer products.
  • Eliminate the risk to its tolerable level.

Benefits of ISO 10377:2013 Certification

  • Reduces the risk to suppliers.
  • Reduces the product safety risk to consumer.
  • Assist government to improve safety of consumer products.
  • Enlarge of capacity of consumers to your products.
  • Designed for all size of suppliers either it is small or medium sized businesses.