ISO 8088:1994

Equipment for olive cultivation and olive oil production — Vocabulary

Gives ISO 8088:1994 the definitions of terms used in olive oil production and olive cultivation.

  • ICS – 01.040.65 Agriculture (vocabularies)
  • ICS – 65.040.20 Buildings and installations for processing and storage of agricultural produce

Including Slaughterhouses and Related Equipment

  • ICS – 65.060.70 Horticultural equipment

Including Lawnmowers, Equipment for Olive Cultivation and Olive Production

International Standard ISO 8088 was prepared by ISO/TC 23, Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry, based on document T.12 Doc. No. 18 (April 1992) prepared by the International Olive Oil Council.

Terms relating to Olives

  • Pit – Woody part of the olive.
  • Kernel – Seed contained in the olive stone.
  • Mesocarp – Flesh of the olive
  • Oil-bearing parenchyma – Vacuoles in the wells of the olive mesocarp that contain oil in the form of minute droplets.
  • Skin – Extreme outer envelope of the olive.
  • Ageing – Period of maturation of the olive fruit during which it changes from green through various shades to black.
  • Golden olives-Olives of a partial or total rose, wine-rose or purplish brown colour before the stage of complete ripeness is obtained.
  • Fresh olive-Olive with a turgid appearance and smooth skin recently picked from the tree.
  • Fallen olive-Olive which, for various reasons, has dropped off the tree naturally.

Terms relating to olive cultivation

  • Olive harvesting – Set of operations involved in harvesting olives.
  • Olive picker – Person gathering olives.
  • Hand picking – Action of picking the olives from the tree by hand.
  • Beating – Action of shaking the olives off the tree using a pole.
  • Beating pole – Light wooden stick for shaking the olives off the tree.
  • Raking – Olive harvesting using rakes.
  • Rake – Small hand rake used in olive harvesting.
  • Shaker – Piece of equipment that vibrates the branches to dislodge the olives.
  • Vibrator – Device attached to the trunk and/or branches of the tree to transmit multidirectional vibrations at varying amplitudes and frequencies, to dislodge olives.
  • Gripping clamp – Mechanical device consisting of two jaws, one or both of which is movable, and usually lined with rubber pads to prevent damage to the tree bark. The clamp is firmly secured, thereby transmitting the vibrations to the trunk or scaffold branches.
  • Umbrella harvester – Container like an upside-down umbrella which catches the olives as they are shaken off the tree.
  • Tarpaulin – Cloth that is spread out under the olive trees to catch the olives that drop.
  • Catching net – collecting mat
  • Wide – Cloth speeded under the olive trees to collect the fallen olives.
  • Stand – Ladder with a wide base and three legs used for gathering olives.