ISO/IEC 14543-5-101:2019

ISO/IEC 14543-5-1001:2019 is the International Standard for the Information Technology-Home Electronic System (HES) architecture.

Part 5-101: Intelligent grouping and resource sharing remote AV access profile.

ISO/IEC 14543-5-101:2019 (E) specifies a protocol to enable a media connection, resource sharing and co-operation among computers, home appliances and consumer electronics using remote access (RA). Users and devices can share and control media resources. This protocol details application rules for the interoperation between devices that use remote access for media. –> In this section you want to explain why it’s important to connect these components with each other.


Benefits of ISO/IEC 14543-5-101:2019 Certification

  • Specifies the services and protocol of the Application layer in order for Home Electronic System devices to use it.
  • Enable resource sharing and service collaboration among devices
  • The interoperability mechanism
  • Process and messaging format of device discovery and device grouping
  • process and messaging format of resource sharing among IGRS Devices
  • IGRS Device and service description requirements
  • Resource sharing and service collaboration among computers, consumer electronics, and communication devices