CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. CMMI is a process model that offers a clear definition of what one should do to promote positive results. There are five Maturity levels that defines most important elements required to build a best product.

The CMMI is also used to help us identify measurable business goals, build high-quality products that are easier to use, create happier customers, and streamline the whole process of building software using lean methodologies.

In CMMI, there are a series of “process areas” that each bring a new level of challenge to the table. Each process area is important and cannot be overlooked! It is important to recognize how these processes change as they move from one CMMI level to the next. However, it is also vital to recognize this: While CMMI can provide you with a great framework for building a scalable product development process, it’s only a starting point. Whether you use CMMI or not, you should always strive toward designing your own optimal solution for your products by evaluating all the possibilities in front of you in order to effectively yield the right results in terms of quality in result in saving costs.


Benefits of CMMI Certification


Stability- CMMI is all about making processes measurable, which allows organizations to measure their success against goals that are mutually agreed upon.


Performance Improvement- The goal of CMMI is to improve the current organization’s capabilities by establishing and measuring benchmarks for improvement. CMMI will help Daffodil consistently and predictably deliver products and services that their customers want at a price they can afford.

Cost Effectiveness- CMMI is beneficial for several reasons. Organizations that implement CMMI processes reap the benefits of early error detection, which results in the lowered cost of correction, increased efficiency in managing changes, reduced variability, and an elevated ability to predict costs. Daffodil enjoys these workplace-enhancing benefits by becoming a more organized company that produces products with greater levels of adaptability.